Saturday, July 10, 2010

Better material will not necessarily make a better painting

When I came here at Atlanta for two months I brought my brushes, my board etc with me but not the colors and papers exept a few pieces. I thought I will buy better material, better colors and paeper so that I will be able to get better results. I had been to a art material shop. W&N colors and Arches papers were beyond my budget so I purchased Canson and Reeves watercolors. I found that they didn't give me better results.On the contarary I was worse with these things. I got far better work with Indian Camlin colors and hand made paper. Conclusion- You work better with the material you are comfortable with. Better material will not necessarily make a better painting. "Shewati aplach gao bara'.


  1. Thank you for sharing this sir! I was in the same belief that one should paint with better materials as I had heard this from many senior and experienced artists! I want to use better materials so that my customers are satisfied that they are getting the worth for what they are paying and also that my work lasts for a long time!However, as you said, if the work itself is not good, there is no meaning in buying expensive materials.I'm still trying different papers. Recently I purchased Bockingford paper (300 gsm).Yet to try it! Till now I was using Fabriano paper.

  2. When we use expensive material, we become more conscious . The important thing is that you should feel comfortable with the material you are using. If you are not worried about paper and color being wasted it is ok.But that is not always the case. Edger Whitney the well-known watercolorist of USA always used student quality color and produced outstanding work. What material you use is not important but what you produce is.You shuld feel free with the material If you are always using the costly material without any botheration it is Ok.

  3. Hi sir! Thanks for the great insight, i agree totally! I feel so comfortable to doodle with all the crap/recycled/cheap paper lying ard me but when i use a more expensive sketchbook or paper, i hesitate & the things i draw turns out much worse & stiff, LOL! Hahaha!