Tuesday, July 13, 2010

For whom do we paint?

If we ask this question to ourselves the answer will be we paint for ourselves, for our own satisfaction. For our own happiness. We do not paint for buyers or for viewers. Whether the painting will be sold or whether viewers will like it or not is not important for the artist when he paints. Whether we give the buyer what he expects in return for the price he pays or whether the painting will last for years, all these things are very secondary. Even the shows we hold are for our own stisfaction. Of course we are happy when number of people visit the show and feel happy when they appreciate our work but that was not our purpose at that time. When a painting is sold we have mixed feelings joy for the price it has fetched and sorrow for parting with it. It is the same feeling a father has when his daughter gets married.
What do you think?


  1. Very apt and meaningful thoughts sir.
    When I asked this question myself, this is what came to my mind. The joy of painting is so strong that it contributes to the inner happiness and well being. The joy of sharing with others give us temporary happiness.Parting with our art is like letting go of our children when they fly out with their wings.We should be able to part with a good thought that our art will be loved and cherished for ever by whoever acquired it.