Friday, December 31, 2010

Local colors in landscape

Local colors are the colors of objects e.g. colors of houses trees doors etc. While painting the landscape we go according to these colors. But this is not the proper approach. We should get away from the influence of these colors. First decide your color scheme. If a particular color is disturbing or does not suit our color scheme then we should change it. If you are successful in getting rid of the influence of these local colors your landscapes will be much better, more creative.

My recent trip with Sanskar Bharati

Recently I attended an landscape camp arranged by Sanskar Bharati. Working in group is a different and pleasing experience. We were about 50 artists. It was a three day camp. We painted village scenes. One of the villages was in a very beautiful hilly area.We had a heart warming experience of the villagers' hospitality. I painted 6-7 landscapes.I am unable to post them right now due to some computer problems but will post them as early as possible.Thanks to Sanskar Bharati who is doing valuable work in promoting art and culture.