Friday, July 16, 2010

Let us discuss

I started this blog not only for sharing my wtercolors but also for sharing our views and exchange our ideas and whatever knowledge we have aquired through experienence. Your questions on techniques of watercolor painting are most welcome. Please feel free to ask.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

For whom do we paint?

If we ask this question to ourselves the answer will be we paint for ourselves, for our own satisfaction. For our own happiness. We do not paint for buyers or for viewers. Whether the painting will be sold or whether viewers will like it or not is not important for the artist when he paints. Whether we give the buyer what he expects in return for the price he pays or whether the painting will last for years, all these things are very secondary. Even the shows we hold are for our own stisfaction. Of course we are happy when number of people visit the show and feel happy when they appreciate our work but that was not our purpose at that time. When a painting is sold we have mixed feelings joy for the price it has fetched and sorrow for parting with it. It is the same feeling a father has when his daughter gets married.
What do you think?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Better material will not necessarily make a better painting

When I came here at Atlanta for two months I brought my brushes, my board etc with me but not the colors and papers exept a few pieces. I thought I will buy better material, better colors and paeper so that I will be able to get better results. I had been to a art material shop. W&N colors and Arches papers were beyond my budget so I purchased Canson and Reeves watercolors. I found that they didn't give me better results.On the contarary I was worse with these things. I got far better work with Indian Camlin colors and hand made paper. Conclusion- You work better with the material you are comfortable with. Better material will not necessarily make a better painting. "Shewati aplach gao bara'.