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Young Artist

Here is my method of using watercolors. I use Indian Camlin artists watercolors and hand-made paper. Camlins are the only Indian colors. A few years back imported colors were not available in India. Now a days WN and some other brands are available here but they are very expensive. Camlin colors are used by most of the artists. They may not be as good as imported but they are not bad either. Artist’s quality are OK. I feel comfortable with these. These colors come in 20 ML tubes and are available any art shop all over India. The same case is with handmade papers. They are available in all the art material stores. But since they are manually made there is no quality control as such. They are available in different thicknesses and textures. Slightly rough papers are best for watercolors. Avoid using very rough paper in the beginning. Testing paper is easy put a drop of water in the corner .It should stay as is and not get absorbed.

I use following colors on my pallet

Yellow lemon, Gamboge, & Ochre

Blue Prussian, Cobalt, & Ultramarine*

Red Vermillion, Crimson, & Orange

Green Hookers green deep and light, Viridian*

In addition to these I use Payne’s Gray and Violet

For pallet I use a round dish. I arrange these colors on the edge of the dish as they occur on the color wheel. Middle space can be used for mixing.

This arrangement makes it easy to find the complementary of any color

· ultramarine is very special color that gives you granular wash

· Viridian is for making dark shades

Wet on wet is not that difficult as it appears in the beginning. Watercolors flow better on wet paper


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Way to Coimbtore

This is my first post.