Friday, December 31, 2010

Local colors in landscape

Local colors are the colors of objects e.g. colors of houses trees doors etc. While painting the landscape we go according to these colors. But this is not the proper approach. We should get away from the influence of these colors. First decide your color scheme. If a particular color is disturbing or does not suit our color scheme then we should change it. If you are successful in getting rid of the influence of these local colors your landscapes will be much better, more creative.


  1. Sir, I have somewhat different opinion on this. Every location has its peculiarities and unless we bring them in to our painting it won't be faithful representation. Take simple example of soils in India, go towards Konkan it has tint of red and browns, go to north it looks yellow and whiter towards north east. In Kashmir all roofs are tin roofs so white or painted green unlike tiled roofs in Konkan. So while we should maintain our palette and work on color harmony , localization is important factor in my opinion.

  2. Thank you Sir, for this piece of advice. I am looking forward to your paintings from Sanskar Bharati.

  3. I was talking about the superfluous things. Particular color of the door or wall we find is accidental It could be any other. Changing it does not do any harm to the totality. Our approach also is important. Is it a documentation ? In that case we should be as faithful as possible but if not these changes are not significant. It is artist's freedom.