Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Don't of landscape painting

Don’t of landscape painting

1. Avoid painting anything, e.g., a house, road etc. parallel to picture plane. It does not make an interesting composition. It should always make an angle to picture plane.
2. Don’t paint a bifurcated road so that the viewers will be in dilemma to decide which way to go.
3. If you are painting a roadscape avoid painting people or vehicle crossing the road. This will stop viewers there only.
4. Never paint people coming towards you. They will bring viewers out of the picture along with them. Always paint people going towards the focal point. You can place the figure facing towards you at the focal point but never in the fore ground.
5. Never place the horizon and focal point at the centre.

Some people might say that they can paint a very good picture even after breaking the rules. It is like saying that I can break the traffic rules, jump the red signal and reach my destination. If you reach safe it is an accident. It is always better to follow the rules.

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