Sunday, September 5, 2010

Draw minimum while painting a landscape.

When you paint a landscape draw minimum. Only important lines. It should take less than a minute.Keep your drawing tentative. The more you draw more you lose your freedom. You will get tied with lines and will paint between the lines like kids who rigidly paint with crayons the printed drawings. Don't lose your freedom


  1. Thanks for sharing some useful tips here on your blog.
    Is this minimum drawing tip applicable to landscapes involving some architectural objects? I finish most of the landscape drawings in couple of minutes but take much longer for architectural drawings.

  2. Architectural rendering is different. There you try to include as many details as possible. e.g. details pf windows doors etc. These drawings are used in ads or building or project architects view point and an artist's view points are totally different. Artist eliminates the details and concentrates on essence.

  3. Thanks for the tip... Excellent way to say it...